Peter DOM

qualified and fully licensed guide

of Prague and the Czech Republic



My name is Peter, I live in our capital Prague where I have been guiding many foreign visitors since 1986.

          My really rich experiance enables me to organize excursions in the best possible way for a private and individual program. Without troubles.

          The guiding of foreign visitors became not only my job but also hobby in my free time. Thus I can use Spanish and English which enables me to meet many friendly people of the latin spirit. I am an independent guide. I speak Czech, Slovak,SPANISH, German and English..



                      OFFERED SERVICES:

guided walks and excursions of Prague designed according to the wish of visitors after the personal consultation.

Recommendations: the best way to see the city is on foot. Prague is for walkers. The most important sights are in the pedestrian zones. I can also organize for tours by car or minivan. Otherwise, Prague has a good system of the public transportation - it is worth of trying...



     The most attractive e x c u r s i o n s in the vicinity of Prague:

1) The castle of Konopištěthe family residence of the succesor to the Austro-Hungarian throne who was in 1914 assassinated in Sarajevo.    

2) The castle of Jemništěa beautiful place with a great baroque palace.    

3) The castle of Křivoklát    


4) Český Šternberka medieval castle- fortress on the rock above the river Sázava with a small charming village. The above mentioned places have fully furnished interiors with plenty of art objects. Visitors can enjoy the drive through the beautiful countryside of the central Bohemia. Distance from Prague - approx. 45 - 50 km.    


5) Kutná Horaold royal town. A monumental jewel, center of medieval silver mining. The source of wealth of Czech kings. The gothic Cathedral of St.Barbara. The former royal mint , the former Cistercian Abbey of Sedlec and nearby Ossuary.
Distance : 70 km from Prague.


6) Karlovy Vary /Carlsbad/ - the largest spa of the country. The town lying along a deep forrested valley is an architectural jewel of an exceptional charm. Many famous people visited the town over the centuries. 12 hot curative mineral springs with a nearly boiling geyser. There are cured about 80,000 - 100,000 patients per year. The traditional industries are porcelain and glass-making. The Moser Glassworks - the finest and most famous brand of the Bohemian Crystal.
Distance: 140 km



     Naturally, I have mentioned here only couple of chosen destinations of my country which are worth of visiting. There are dozens and hundreds of towns and villages, spas, castles, monasteries etc...(more than 200 attractive sights are open to the public) telling us the history. Nevertheless, these brief lines cannot embrace everything.

                S e r v i c e s:

Transfers from the aeroport or stationes and viceversa. Booking of accommodation - hotels, bed and breakfast, comfortable and centrally located. Booking of ticktets for concerts, the Black Theatre (unique and absolutely intelligible for everybody). Restaurant reservations.
I can facilitate all the services a tourist might need. Without a mediating agent. Moderate prices. I create really individual programs.


                C o n t a c t          for direct consultations and reservations:


                                             tlf. and fax: +420 274 777 758

                                             cellular: +420 608 276 658